⚡Charlotte Roars into Legacy of the Beast – Gauntlet Season 1 on NOW!⚡

Earn Charlotte from the Gauntlet!

“The beast and Charlotte they were two of a kind.” ~ From Here to Eternity

Hot on the trail of a mysterious “Killer”, the queen of 22 Acacia Avenue rides into Legacy of the Beast ready to take back control of her beloved London on the eve of an impending darkness.

Charlotte is the newest 5⭐ Warrior in Legacy of the Beast. She’s a brutal physical attacker that can provide Perfect Health and Immunity to Silver Effects at the start of battle.

You can earn Charlotte Soul Fragments and other Rare Rewards in Gauntlet Season 1!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Gauntlet Season 1 runs from October 14th until December 23rd, 5pm PT.

Battle through 11 Grades of Gauntlet, each presenting unique challenges and rewards to earn a place on our Ranked Leaderboard.

You will have 10 weeks (until the end of Season 1) to earn enough Charlotte Fragments from the Gauntlet to summon her. Once Season 1 is over, she will be much more difficult to obtain, as she won’t be featured in any other soul.

Players who make it to Grade A and above will also be awarded Final Frontier Eddie Fragments!

These Fragments can be collected over several Gauntlet seasons. Once you have 1,000 Fragments, you will earn a GUARANTEED Final Frontier Eddie**.

Final Frontier Eddie is a tanky, all enemy physical damager that specializes in neutralizing his opponents and dealing BIG damage when buffed with Increased Max HP effects.

**Final Frontier Eddie is a 5⭐ Sentinel that is only available by collecting Fragments in the Gauntlet.

Battle through the Gauntlet today -> http://m.onelink.me/49d39710