❤️💀💰Special Offers for Gold and EXCLUSIVE Talismans! Eyes of the Nile Event on now!💰💀❤️

Earn heaps of Gold and new Steel Talismans!

From February 20th to the 26th at 4 PM PT, refill your coffers with Golden Idols earned from Precious Souls, and collect all new Exquisite Soul Fragments to trade for exclusive Talismans in store!

Play Skull Quests for a chance to earn Exquisite Soul Fragments! You can also buy these fragments from the LOTB store for Gold!

Spend Exquisite Fragments in the store on Purge Talismans or the exclusive Steel Talismans!

🛡️Make your team damage proof! Steel Talismans grant Invincibility for 2 turns at the start of battle, and are available in the Specials tab for 115 Exquisite Soul Fragments!

⚔️These Talismans are particularly useful on physical attackers that want additional survivability without sacrificing attack power. Try them out on Samurai Eddie, Warrior Newborn of Light, or Warrior Hellraiser.

Stock up on Gold!

In all 4 of the Cosmos worlds (Ailing Kingdom, Kingdom of the Sands, Battlefield, and Underworld), there’s a chance to earn Precious Soul Fragments!

50 Precious Fragments = 1 Precious Soul which grants either a Golden Skull Idol or Sacrificial Heart. Sell your Golden Skulls to earn GOLD!

💰Use your newly acquired wealth to take advantage of a variety of limited time deals available for Gold in the Resource Store! Items include Ironite, Skill Shards, and Legendary Class Souls!

See the Newsfeed in game for more details: http://m.onelink.me/49d39710