🌠Collect a 4⭐Magus Valkyrie Siren GUARANTEED! Limited time event on now🌠

Battle the Dragon King to earn this event exclusive character!

Earn Valkyrie Soul Fragments in the Brave New World Dungeons from August 28-31 5pm PDT!

Collect 200 Valkyrie Soul Fragments & claim a Soul guaranteed to produce Kari, the 4* Valkyrie Siren.

Kari is a powerful Magus and must have support character! She’s an all-team healer who strikes with a barrage of magic attacks that quickly dismantle your enemy’s defenses.

Withstand enemy debuffs! Kari’s passive ability, Inhibit, makes your entire team immune to stat decreasing effects!

Kari, Valkyrie Siren is NOT available in any other Souls. Don’t miss your chance to recruit this exclusive Hero!

WARNING: Getting the character from this event will be extremely difficult! The fragments are rare, and drop most frequently on the highest floor of these difficult dungeons, so make sure you’re maximizing your clear time and success rate!

We’ve placed a FREE pack of 10 Valkyrie Fragments in the Store to get you started!

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See the Newsfeed in game for more details on this event: http://m.onelink.me/49d39710