🐍Battle for new Viper Talismans! Absent Dawn Event on NOW🐍

Earn new 5- set Viper Talismans!

From now until May 1st at 5PM PDT, complete Event Challenges in Skull Quests to earn a full set of Viper Talismans, and other valuable rewards!

Viper Talismans are red talismans with a 5 set effect. Equip them to reduce all damage taken by 60%, and gain a 75% chance to counter an enemy when attacked. These talismans also give you an 85% chance to inflict Perfect Bleed on each enemy for 2 turns every turn, and a 35% chance to inflict Perfect Corruption and Perfect Disable on each enemy for 2 turns every turn.

During this event, Skull Quests will also be granting 1 bonus reward, in addition to normal level rewards. Bonus rewards include, Ironite, Gold, Necropolis Soul Fragments, Skill Shards and more!

Battle in Skull Quests today -> http://m.onelink.me/49d39710