🐲Earn Rare Talismans in the Brave New World Dungeons! Cleanse the Corruption TODAY!🐲

Earn Exclusive Future Talismans from Event Challenges

From May 21st to May 28th, complete Event Challenges in the Brave New World Dungeons to earn rare Talismans and Heroic Soul Fragments.

⚠️WARNING! These daunting challenges will test your might and skill (DEV TIPS AT BOTTOM OF NEWSLETTER). They are broken into 3 tiers of difficulty:

  1. The first set of challenges requires you to inflict specific negative effects on specific enemies.
  2. The second set requires you to clear the sixth floor of the Brave New World dungeons while inflicting specific negative effects on the Dragon King boss.
  3. The final set requires all your characters to clear and SURVIVE the final floors of the Brave New World dungeons with characters that may otherwise be at a major class disadvantage.

These challenges will test the limits of your roster, and we highly encourage you to collaborate and share Champions with fellow Troopers that can help during the course of this event!

Tips: The following characters apply some of the required negative effects. If you have one be sure to set them as your Champion for the duration of the event!

  • Seventh Son Eddie
  • Iron Eddie
  • Magus Chopper
  • Assassin Corrupt Rescuer

Unsure of the characters you need to achieve these challenges? Head to our Facebook page or forums for advice!

Complete these challenges to earn these powerful Talisman sets to gain an edge in the Brave New World (and elsewhere!):

  • Future Talismans (3 set effect) increased Accuracy and Power Generation at the start of battle!
  • Force Talismans (3 set) block the first 4 hits of damage at the start of battle!

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