💀Necropolis descends upon Legacy of the Beast – Gauntlet Season 3 on NOW!💀

Earn Necropolis from the Gauntlet!

“Good day my name is Necropolis
I am formed of the dead”

~ If Eternity Should Fail

Eternity is nothing but a short while….Necropolis has arrived from the City of the Dead to harvest Souls and wreak havoc in Legacy of the Beast.

Necropolis is a hero-class ally with extremely potent skills. Use ancient blood magic to lower the Max HP of your opponents and leave them open for attack. This 5 star Sentinel can also permanently increase his own Max HP, Defense and Attack, inflict Perfect Bleed and devastate teams with multi-hitting physical attacks!

You can earn Necropolis Soul Fragments and other Rare Rewards in Gauntlet Season 3!

Gauntlet Season 3 runs from April 14th to June 23rd, 5pm PT.

Battle through 11 Grades of Gauntlet, each presenting unique challenges and rewards to earn a place on our Ranked Leaderboard.

You will have 10 weeks (until the end of Season 3) to earn enough Necropolis Fragments from the Gauntlet to summon him. Once Season 3 is over, he will be much more difficult to obtain, as he won’t be featured in any other soul.

Players who make it to Grade A and above will also be awarded Final Frontier Eddie Fragments!

These Fragments can be collected over several Gauntlet seasons. Once you have 1,000 Fragments, you will earn a GUARANTEED Final Frontier Eddie**.

Final Frontier Eddie is a tanky, all enemy physical damager that specializes in neutralizing his opponents and dealing BIG damage when buffed with Increased Max HP effects.

**Final Frontier Eddie is a 5⭐ Sentinel that is only available by collecting Fragments in the Gauntlet.

Battle through the Gauntlet today -> http://m.onelink.me/49d39710