💰Unlocked Potential Sacrifice Event ❤️- Sacrifice for Steel Souls and Seventh Son Eddie Fragments!

Earn Sacrificial Hearts for more powerful Sacrifices!

Get new Steel Souls from Sacrifice to earn Sacrificial Hearts and other valuable bonus rewards!

From July 11th until July 18th at 5 PM PT, the Steel Soul has become available! The Steel Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 1⭐ Sacrificial Heart that grants sacrifice essence!

In addition to a Sacrificial Heart, every Steel Soul summoned is guaranteed to grant a 3⭐ or 5⭐ Gold Idol, a random amount of Frontier Coins, or a random amount of Iron Coins.

You can now get Steel Soul Fragments or Steel Souls as a bonus from each tier of Sacrifice, in addition to normal sacrifice rewards:

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
3 Steel Soul Fragments

13 Steel Soul Fragments

65 Steel Soul Fragments

180 Steel Soul Fragments

Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Vortex
2 Steel Souls

4 Steel Souls

6 Steel Souls

4 Steel Souls
2 Legendary Souls

**Did you know you can double your rewards for a sacrifice? Doing a sacrifice with a higher amount of essence than the minimum required gives you a chance of getting double rewards based on how much you’ve exceeded the essence requirement. If you double the essence required for a tier, you’ll be guaranteed to get double the rewards!

Additionally, complete Sacrifice-themed Event Challenges for rewards including Seventh Son Eddie Fragments, Epic Talisman Fragments, Ironite and more!

🎉BONUS! For the duration of this event, Alchemist Soul Fragments can be exchanged in the Event Store for Alchemy Talismans and Rare Talisman Key Souls!

Alchemy Talismans are blue Talismans with a 5 set effect. Equip them to grant Invincibility to all allies for the first turn of battle. These talismans also transform Negative Effects on all allies into Beneficial Effects every turn and permanently reduce a random stat on all enemies by 5% every time you attack.

Rare Talisman Key Souls are summoned to unlock the Cosmic Talisman Dungeon.

Be warned! This dungeon is not for the faint of heart. The Cosmic Talisman dungeon cranks up the difficulty and offers up an extra challenge by randomly generating **Natural 5-Star Only Class Restrictions (Warrior, Magus, Sentinel, Gunner, or Assassin ONLY)!

Start sacrificing today -> http://m.onelink.me/49d39710