🔮Mystic Eddie has been summoned – Join the Seer Soul event today!

Mystic Eddie has possessed the Book of Souls!

This 5 Star Magus is a single-target attacker who utilizes devastating status effects, including Freeze, Doom, Ascension, and the new Immortality. If a character with Immortality dies, they will revive, allowing them to continue the fight!

Seer Souls are available in the LOTB Store for a limited time, or can be obtained through the Mystic Eddie event! More details in the LOTB news feed: hyperurl.co/vz3amz

Mystic Eddie Event

Approach the altar, and sacrifice to earn Seer Souls for an increased chance to pull Mystic Eddie.

Starting on June 21st at 2 PM PDT, the Tier VI sacrifice is changed to guarantee Seer Souls! When you do a Tier VI sacrifice, you will normally get 5 to 15 Seer Souls, with a chance of getting 25 Seer Souls! (see tips below!)

Seer Souls are guaranteed to produce a 3-5 Star character of ANY class (including Assassin and Gunner!) and have an increased chance of producing Mystic Eddie!

Sacrifice today! This event ends June 30 at 5pm PDT.

Tips to reach a Tier VI Sacrifice!

🤘 Collect Precious Soul Fragments from Skull Quests, and create Precious Souls in order to summon Sacrificial Hearts. Sacrificial Hearts are an excellent source of Sacrifice Essence

🤘 Sacrifice characters earned from Common Souls for a chance to earn Rare Souls which will give higher level characters that will help you reach higher Sacrifice tiers!

🤘 Level up your extra characters! 3 star and 4 star characters can be worth almost 50% more when you make them max level, and evolving them raises that potential even more.

🤘 Sacrifice extra characters with naturally high star levels