2nd Anniversary Celebration Event!

From now until July 11th, 5 PM PT, complete Event Challenges to earn Anniversary Soul Fragments and Heroic Soul Fragments.

The Anniversary Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class, but unlike most other souls that drop characters of those rarities, this soul will only reward characters that have come out since our last anniversary!

That includes all of the following:

  • New Eddies (Iron Eddie, Hallowed Eddie, Edward the Great, Seventh Son Eddie, Piece of Mind Eddie, Clansman Eddie, Beast Eddie)
  • Eddie “The Bird” characters (all 4)
  • Year 2 Brave New World characters (all 5 Demon Spawns, Warrior/Sentinel Corrupt Rescuers, Magus/Assassin Corrupt Droids, Magus/Gunner Undead Rescuers, all 5 Valkyries)
  • Demon Gang characters (Hellraisers, Choppers, Tricksters)
  • Mayan characters (Mayan Priestesses, The Witch Doctor)
  • Miscellaneous new allies (Undead Crimean Soldier, Warrior Possessed Snowman, The Cannoneer, Warrior Allied Soldier, Gemini Castor, Gemini Pollux, Angel of Mercy, Krampus, The Beast)

Please note that the soul does not include many characters which are considered feature- or content-specific characters (including, but not limited to, Trooper Eddie, Alexander Eddie, The Alchemist, or the Liliths).

Earn Anniversary Souls though challenges, or purchase them in packs of 1, 3 and 10 from the Store!

BONUS:⭐You’ll notice that the above list of characters has all of the natural 5★ characters highlighted. In addition to the Anniversary Soul only rewarding year 2 characters, each soul will also grant you 10 Exquisite Soul Fragments when they’re opened. Save up those fragments to use in the store to purchase any of those natural 5★ characters!

⚠You’ll have to make sure to save up and use those fragments before those purchase options leave the store; once the event ends, you’ll only be able to use those Exquisite Soul Fragments to make Exquisite Souls or to convert into Precious Soul Fragments.

☠Some of these event challenges will require you to inflict negative effects! These effects were chosen based on characters we released in the last year, so you can use any of the suggestions below (or older characters if you want!):

  • Inflict Block Beneficial Effects (Iron Eddie; The Witch Doctor; Val, Valkyrie Guardian)
  • Inflict Permadeath (Seventh Son Eddie, Shaman “The Bird”, Gunner Chopper)
  • Inflict Stun (Hallowed Eddie, The Beast, Sentinel Hellraiser)
  • Inflict Crave (Beast Eddie, The Cannoneer, Assassin Demon Seed
  • Remove or Steal Effects (Piece of Mind Eddie, Sentinel Mayan Priestess, Warrior Trickster)

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