4⭐Ally Event, featuring the DEBUT Magus Mystic

Crush the Lord of Light for event currency to earn a guaranteed 4 character!


From now until March 16th at 5PM PT, each battle in the Lord of Light dungeons has a chance of dropping Mystic Currency. Collect 200 and you can redeem them in the Event Store for your very own 4⭐Magus Mystic! You can see your current currency amounts by checking the Event tab in the Challenge menu and the Event tab in Store!


The Mystic joins the cast as a new 4Magus in Legacy of the Beast. This wise Magus is the ultimate team reviver! Their power attack, Prophetic Seal, Revives and heals all allies while inflicting Seal on all enemies. 


Normally, when it drops, you’ll earn 5 or 10 pieces of event currency, but if you’re lucky, you could earn 50 pieces of event currency from one battle, so don’t be afraid of that 200 requirement! Players who battle in Lord of Light Floors 11-15 will also be able to earn greater amounts of event currency (10, 20 or 50) at an increased drop rate! 


Note: At the end of this ally event, any unspent Currency will be automatically converted into Lilith Soul Fragments at a 10% rate. See our Event Currency guide here for more details on the system overall:


This 4⭐Ally event will also feature 3 Event Challenges which will reward a variety of items including XP Shards, Frontier Keys and Lost Souls Currency.


Lost Souls Currency is the event currency of our Isle of the Dead event running throughout March.


Trade your Lost Souls Currency in the Event Store for rare rewards including Merlin Eddie, Cosmic Wizard Talismans and more!


You can learn more about this featured event in the Isle of the Dead event post here!



Trade extra event currency or Common Souls for additional rewards in the Event Store! 


Trade in regular Lilith Soul Fragments for Cosmic Lilith Fragments. 500 Lilith Fragments will secure you 25 Cosmic Lilith Fragments. 500 Fragments will get you a guaranteed 5⭐Magus Cosmic Lilith! 


Once you’ve collected her, you’ll be able to trade in any extra Cosmic Lilith Fragments for Talisman Red Mythic Fragments. Both of these offers will be available during our monthly fragment events.


Extra Mystic Currency can score you Clover Talismans and Cosmic Sinister Solstice Talismans!


The Cosmic Sinister Solstice Talisman provides an exclusive bonus when equipped to Ice Eddie, Terrible Tim, Dark Advent Lilith, The Happy Holibeast, Krampus and Yeti characters. This Talisman increases stats in battle, and reduces incoming damage. It will also make the wearer:


Remove and Prevent all Counterstrike and Revenge effects, including Golden and Innate effects, on each enemy until they die at the start of battle. Gain Snow Shield or Blizzard Shield for 1 turn at the start of battle and at the start of your turn. 25% Chance to Revive with full HP and inflict Unblockable Freeze on all enemies for 1 turn whenever you are killed. 


Head to the Event Store to see the full list of items!


In addition to this, for the duration of this event, the Lord of Light dungeons also have the following changes:

  • Lilith Soul Fragments are available from all floors of the Lord of Light dungeons! Lilith Soul Fragments are a recurring fragment that is periodically featured in events, and may require you to collect them from multiple events in order to have enough to redeem a soul. Collect 500 for a guaranteed 5 Lilith!
  • All Lord of Light dungeons will also have a 3x chance of dropping Rare Souls! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get more Rare Souls while getting your guaranteed 4 character!

This character is not available in any other souls, so if you miss your chance to recruit them, it may be a very long time until you get another chance!