48 Hour Event! – Claim Sentinel-themed rewards from Satellite 15!

From March 16th until March 18th at 5PM PDT, open Satellite 15 to receive Gifts of Green including Sentinel Mythical Souls, and Green XP + Evo Materials!

During this event, Satellite 15 will still grant regular rewards like Ironite, Gold, Sands of Time/War and Skill Shards; however, all Souls and XP items will be Green!

There will also be a number of powerful Sentinel Talismans that have a chance to appear including:

  • Tower Talismans (Ward)
  • Power Talismans (Mystical)
  • Sacrificial Talismans (Overwhelming)
  • Eternal Talismans (Mystical)

Start collecting now: http://m.onelink.me/49d39710