Battle for Singularity Talismans and Awakening Fragments!

From now until October 7th at 5 PM PT, complete Event Challenges to earn rewards including 6-set Singularity Talismans, Gold, Evo Materials, and more!

Singularity Talismans are blue Talismans with a 6 set effect. Equip them to reduce damage dealt to all allies by 35%. This set also grants Immunity to Passive Disable and Perfect Disable to all allies, and will Steal all Beneficial Effects, including Golden Effects, from a random enemy every turn.

BONUS: Three of the Event Challenges are repeatable and will award Ironite, Awakening Soul Fragments and more.

Awakening Fragments can be used to purchase Class Specific Awakening material from the Resources tab in the shop or can be converted into an Awakening Soul. The Awakening Soul is a unique soul that provides a random Awakening material when summoned.

This event also features a number of limited time items available in the Event Store for Gold, and Iron Coins!

Join the battle today: