Battle in the Arena for Forge Talismans, Beast Awakening Materials + MORE!

Earn new 5-set Forge Talismans, Iron Coins, Gold and materials to AWAKEN THE BEAST by completing challenges in the Arena!

Forge Talismans are purple Talismans with a 5 set effect. Equip them to reduce damage taken by 45%. Inflict Perfect Death on each enemy for 1 turn and Increase Critical Hit Chance of all allies by +5% every action. Remove All Golden Effects from each enemy if 3 or more negative effects are on the enemy at the start of your turn. Increase your ATK, MAGIC, and MAX HP by +15% at the start of your turn. Grant a Perfect Heal Shield and Cleanse to all allies for the duration of battle if any ally’s health falls to 1 HP.

From now until November 30th at 4PM PT, there are new event challenges added to the Challenges screen. These reward you for completing specific objectives in the Arena before the event is over. Objectives include winning Arena battles using only Basic Attacks, as well as using specific classes and inflicting negative effects!

Completing these Achievements will get you on the path towards awakening The Beast! You’ll be able to win unique Awakening Materials to Awaken The Beast, as well as Key Souls that will unlock the Infernal Dungeon.

The Infernal Dungeon is guaranteed to provide XP Runes, as well as a chance of bonus rewards, including Reaper Talismans.

Troopers beware! This is a high challenge Dungeon with an Assassin Only Class Restriction, so be prepared!

See the Challenge menu for full details!

Awakening The Beast!

The Beast is now Awakenable!

Strengthen his demonic powers further and conquer all who face you. In his fully Awakened form the Beast’s Fury attack will transform into a devastating Fury/Passive Combo that deals true damage, removes All Beneficial Effects, including Golden effects, from all enemies and inflicts 3 stacks of Fear on each enemy for 5 turns.

It will also Permanently Increase the ATK and MAGIC of all allies by +100% for the duration of battle. This ability will also grant The Beast Immunity to all negative effects for the first 5 turns of battle, and reduce all damage taken by 60%. Finally, enemies will take random damage equal to 6% of their MAX HP for every action they take.

**BONUS: For the duration of The Beast Within event, Eternity Soul Fragments you earn from the weekly Arena resets can be traded for Eternity Talismans!

Eternity Talismans are purple talismans with a 5 set effect that is not available anywhere else! Equip a full set for the following effects: Grant Perfect Hit to all allies at the start of battle for 2 turns. Grant Physical, Magic, and True Block to self for 1 turn if Perfect Hit, Regen, or Charge is present at the start of your turn. Remove All Beneficial Effects, including Golden Effects, Stun, and inflict Perfect Disable for 1 turn on a random enemy if Passive Disable is active on any enemy at the start of your turn. Fully heal and removes Doom effects from all enemies if the wearer of this talisman has the Shawl of Styx passive.