Be Devil May Care – Angel and Gambler Eddie have arrived!

Do you feel lucky?!

Angel Eddie and Gambler Eddie are making their Legacy of the Beast debut!

Angel Eddie is a 5⭐ Gunner with a Passive ability that prevents the enemy team from gaining Immunity effects and has the ability to remove Damage Block Effects and Invincibility! Become your team’s saviour by reviving allies and granting Perfect Immortality and Perfect Titan Shield!

Gambler Eddie is a 5⭐ Assassin who can passively transform Immunity to a random Negative Effect! This high roller also transforms existing Negative Effects on enemies into their Silver Versions, and grants each ally Spell Vamp, Life Steal, and Echo status.

From May 1st until May 9th at 5pm PT, every **Rare Soul (including Rare Class Souls – see full list below) opened in the Book of Souls will give you a bonus reward of 5 The Angel and The Gambler Soul Fragments.

These Fragments can also be earned by completing Event Challenges! Apply Negative Effects to targets to complete challenges and earn a variety of rewards, including Ironite, Skill Shards and up to 300 Angel and Gambler Fragments!

1250 Fragments = 1 The Angel and The Gambler Soul!

The Angel and The Gambler Soul is guaranteed to summon either Angel Eddie or Gambler Eddie. Angel Eddie and Gambler Eddie are exclusive to The Angel and The Gambler Soul.

Once this event is over, be sure to hold on to any leftover fragments! After May 9th at 5pm PT, The Angel and The Gamber Soul Fragments will become available in the Frontier Store. You will also be able to purchase either Angel Eddie or Gambler Eddie outright!

**Important: The Angel and The Gambler Soul Fragments are only earned from using the following types of Rare Souls: Rare Souls, Rare Warrior Souls, Rare Sentinel Souls, Rare Magus Souls, Rare Gun/Assassin Souls, Rare Gunner Souls, and Rare Assassin Souls. Other Souls types such as event souls (i.e. Corvid Souls, Anniversary Souls, etc.) will not yield fragments when used.

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