Branching Errors Book of Souls Event! Summon Souls for Event Currency. Trade Currency for new Cosmic Saga: Virtual XI Talismans in Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast mobile game.

Branching Errors (Book of Souls) – Earn new Cosmic Saga: Virtual XI Talismans

From now until January 28th at 4PM PDT, every non-Heroic and non-Talisman Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic Soul you open in the Book of Souls, regardless of where you earned it (Skull Quests, bought from Store, earned from Sacrifice, etc) will give you a guaranteed bonus of Digital Spheres Event Currency.

This event also features a number of challenges that reward additional Digital Spheres, Evo Materials, Futureal Orbs and more.

Digital Spheres can be traded in for new Cosmic Saga: Virtual XI Talismans, Awakening Souls, Space Time Amulets, Sands of Blood and more.

The Cosmic Saga: Virtual XI Talisman is a special talisman that will only activates on Virtual XI album characters including:

Virtual XI Eddie, Angel Eddie, Gambler Eddie, Clansman Eddie, Highlander Clansman Eddie, Hogmanay Eddie, Virus Eddie, and Robo Scout named characters

This talisman will increase all stats in battle and reduce incoming damage to the wearer. It also gives the following effects:

Steal all beneficial effects, including Golden effects, from one random enemy at the start of your turn.
• T1+: Copy all beneficial effects, including Gold effects to all allies at the start of your turn.
• T2+: When you die for the first time, revive up to MAX HP and grant all allies 3 random Golden Effects.
• T3: Remove all negative effects and replace each with a random 3 turn duration Beneficial Effect, including Gold Effects. Deal a hit of true damage to all enemies for each effect transformed in this way.

Note: At the end of this event, any unspent Currency will be automatically converted into Heroic Legendary Soul Fragments at a 5% rate.

Futureal Orbs is the event currency of our Digital Incursion event running until January 31st 4pm PT.

Trade your Futureal Orbs in the Event Store for rare rewards including Dimensional Cutter Eddie, Cosmic Shogi Talismans and more!

Digital Spheres will be granted in the following amounts when the following Souls are summoned.

**Note – Heroic Souls and Talisman Souls will NOT give Digital Spheres during this event: