Challenge Odin in his throne room for incredible rewards! Raid Boss is available now!

Face off against the power of the Gods!

Our latest feature – Raid Boss – pits your Clans power against formidable foes. Battle Raid Bosses to earn a variety of rewards including Blood Tributes, Talisman Soul Fragments, Thor Eddie Fragments and more.

Each Raid Boss battle has 10 dungeon levels of escalating difficulty! Your Clans strength will be put to the test as you work together to take down the Allfather himself! Battle Odin now, and keep an eye out for additional Raid Boss and Clans content in future releases.

Earn Raid Points for Incredible Weekly Rewards!

Each Raid Boss battle will reward your Clan with Raid Points. The amount of Raid Points you collectively earn will dictate your Clan’s weekly reward!

Rewards include Ironite, Rare Clan Fragments, Tribute Fragments, Talisman Gold Red Souls and Clan Medal Souls.

You have 1 week to collect your Raid Points! All weekly rewards will be distributed the next time you enter the Clans hub after the weekly reset (resets occur Tuesdays at midnight UTC)

Use the chat feature to strategize and coordinate with your Clan Members on Raid Boss battles to maximize your talents.

Join a clan today and bring the Raid Boss down: