Claim 1 Free Ritual Soul DAILY until Nov 21 in the Dark Ritual Celebration Event!

Ritual Soul Madness!

We’re celebrating the release of The Book of Souls: Live Chapter with the Dark Ritual Celebration Event!

From Nov 17th to November 21st, visit the Legacy of the Beast store to receive 1 FREE Ritual Soul DAILY. A new Soul will become available to claim after 4pm PST each day.

Ritual Souls are guaranteed to produce a 3⭐-5⭐ Character of ANY class, with an increased chance of Mayan characters including:

  • Shaman Eddie (5⭐ Warrior)
  • The Witch Doctor (5⭐ Sentinel)
  • Mayan Priestess (4⭐ Warrior)
  • Mayan Priestess (4⭐ Magus)
  • Mayan Priestess (4⭐ Gunner)
  • Mayan Priestess (4⭐ Assassin)

BONUS! Get a 2X chance to pull 4⭐ and 5⭐ characters from the following Souls:

  • Rare Souls
  • Warrior Souls
  • Magus Souls
  • Sentinel Souls
  • Gunner/Assassin Souls
  • Event Souls (including Ritual Souls)

Cash in your Ritual Souls and other Rare-quality souls during the event to take advantage of this increased chance at getting high-rarity characters!

Get your FREE Ritual Soul today ->