Clansman Eddie storms Legacy of the Beast!

Protect your clan!

When alone on the hills
With the wind in your hair
With a longing to feel
Just to be free

Approach the altar, and sacrifice to earn Freedom Souls for an increased chance to pull Clansman Eddie.

Clansman Eddie is an anti-Magic random damage attacker which supports his team with Healing, Cleansing Silver Effects, Extra Turns, and more.

From May 12th to May 19th at 5pm PT, all Tier VI, and Tier VII Sacrifices, plus Vortex Rewards will be GUARANTEED to grant you with a bonus of Freedom Souls, in addition to normal sacrifice rewards.

  • Earn 5 Freedom Souls from Tier VI sacrifices
  • Earn 10 Freedom Souls from Tier VII sacrifices
  • Earn 5 Freedom Souls from Vortexes

Freedom Souls are guaranteed to produce a 3-5⭐ character of ANY class (including Assassin and Gunner!) and have an increased chance of producing Clansman Eddie!

SPECIAL EVENT ADDITION: Earn Vampire Hunter Eddie Fragments by completing Cosmos themed Event Challenges! These new challenges will only be available until May 19th at 5pm PT.

Meet the requirements to earn up to 100 Vampire Hunter Eddie Fragments! Collect these character fragments from this and other events to get a soul that will guarantee you the 5⭐ Assassin Vampire Hunter Eddie!

Sacrifice today! This event ends May 19th at 5pm PDT ->