Collect a 4⭐Magus Corrupt Droid GUARANTEED in the Lord of Light!

Slay the Lord of Light in our Droid of Christmas Future Event!

Earn Droid Soul Fragments in the Lord of Light Dungeons from December 11th to 14th at 4pm PDT!

Each Lord of Light battle has a chance of dropping 5, 10 or if you’re lucky, 50 fragments! Collect 200 Fragments and you can redeem them in the Book of Souls’ Fragments screen for your very own 4⭐ Magus Corrupt Droid!

🤖The Magus Corrupt Droid is a magic attacker with incredible support abilities! This unit’s basic attack has a chance to Revive, and will automatically gain Endure when its HP drops to 1.

Lend a helping hand! This digital savior’s power attack, Upgrade, heals all allies and grants them Invincibility!

We’ve placed a free pack of 10 Droid Fragments in the Store to get you started!

💎BONUS! Rare Soul drop rates in the Lord of Light dungeons have increased by x3 during this event only! 💎

Get the full event details in the LOTB newsfeed: