Collect Shaman “The Bird”! Limited time Arena event on NOW.

Collect Shaman Bird Soul Fragments and claim Shaman “The Bird”!

From February 10-13, complete Event Challenges in the Cosmos in order to earn Shaman Bird and Evolution Soul Fragments.

Shaman “The Bird” is a 4⭐Warrior who can provide Attack Up to allies and can inflict Mark and Permadeath.

Don’t ruffle his feathers! Shaman “The Bird” calls forth dark powers to deal physical and magic damage to all enemies! His fury, Soul Sacrifice, also grants Permadeath to all targets for 3 turns.

200 Shaman Bird Fragments = 1 4⭐Shaman “The Bird” GUARANTEED!

Check the ‘Events’ tab in the Challenge menu to view all the Shaman’s Arena Event Challenges ->

Tip: If you can’t complete all these Challenges, you’ll have a second chance to earn more Shaman Bird Soul Fragments in our Final Feathered Celebration event starting February 16!