Conquer Night City – Essential Tips to survive and thrive!

Our most recent update unlocked the long awaited Night City! Prepare for the fight of your life as you take on the maniacal Killer and dangerous demon gangs!

We’ve spoken with the designers and pulled essential tips that will help you make it through the the streets of Night City intact.


  • Team composition is incredibly important. Bringing along characters whose abilities can synergize with each other is of the utmost importance!
    • Teams who can Freeze, Stun, plus grant Immunity or Cleanse will be a big help!
  • Tanky Eddies like Piece of Mind and Visions are incredibly valuable here, and will see your team through to the end of a brutal battle
  • Power up your stats with Relics, purchasable with Iron Coins in the Arena Store!
  • Bring in fully leveled and skill sharded characters equipped with powered up Talisman Sets!


If you completed the Warring Gangs event in November then you’ll know the Assassin Hellraiser hits like an absolute truck. This brute has a Revenge passive and can decimate teams quickly.

Take him down with crowd controllers, or passive disablers and teams who can soak up damage

Useful Characters: Visions Eddie, Eternity Eddie, Horus, The Prisoner, Gunner Chopper, Assassin Death Dog or Ichiyou, Shinobi Medic.

Useful Talismans: Shield based talismans such as the Titan Talisman (available from the Trooper Store!) or Destiny Talismans for team wide damage reduction and defensive effects gain on each hit.

The Magus Derby Demon is a vicious villain! She inflicts Crave, which converts any healing into damage, and can gain Invincibility!

Bring in a character who can Cleanse or grant your team Immunity so you can avoid the deadly effects of Crave, as well as someone to remove Invincibility!

Useful Characters: Benjamin Breeg Eddie, Crusader Eddie, Assassin Demon Spawn, Lady Azov, and Goddess Aset would be particularly helpful!

Useful Talismans: Angel Talismans, or Purge Talismans (available from the Arena Store!).

The Warrior Savage Reaper packs a punch, and can blow your team away with Time Bombs! Bringing in characters who can apply Immunity or Cleanse is a must.

Useful Characters: Crusader Eddie, Iron Eddie, Magus Lilith, Warrior Death Dog, Warrior Golden Son, Astra Valkyrie Slayer, Sentinel Harpy

Useful Talismans: Steel Talismans, Force Talismans (Get them in the Trooper Store!)

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