Cosmic Evolution Event – Earn New Evolution Talisman Souls!

Earn Talisman Souls from Event Challenges, and summon to claim GUARANTEED Cosmic Talismans.

From July 5th until July 21st at 5pm PT, complete Power Up and Evolution themed Event Challenges to earn a variety of rewards including Cosmic Evolution Materials and Talisman Soul Fragments.

BONUS: Complete Event Challenge Stretch Goals to receive new Evolution Talisman Soul Fragments!

300 Evolution Talisman Fragments = 1 Evolution Talisman Soul

The Evolution Talisman Soul is a unique Soul with contents that will change on a monthly basis (similar to Heroic Souls!). This month the Evolution Talisman Soul is guaranteed to summon a T1 Purple Cosmic Talisman with the ability to grant Vanish!

Note: It doesn’t matter when you earned the soul; the Talisman you will earn is determined when you open the soul, so saved up souls will change what they can give over time!

Get ready to battle in the Brave New World and Night City! Focus on these areas to collect the Runes you’ll need to power up your Talismans and complete the Event Challenges!

Leap into battle now: