Cure What Ales You – Exclusive Chance at 5★ Rogar, A Stranger in Time


Out in the Strange Land region of space, a wide arrange of species and opportunities can be found. Rogar is a Cosmogian, a race of large and powerful aliens from a distant part of the cosmos. His physiology allows him to consume all manner of foods and liquids that would turn a human’s guts to black goop. Rogar brings his skills as a bruiser to your team, shrugging off Permanent Stat Decreases and getting more powerful as the battle progresses. Whatever Rogar is drinking, it usually doubles as a weapon, causing severe random negative effects on the enemy team.

For those who remember, Rogar placed 2nd in community votes during the Forge a Hero campaign we ran back in the Spring. We knew he was popular based on the sheer amount of votes he received and now you can battle for a chance to collect him in the Cure What Ales You event!

Get full character details in the Compendium!

From now until November 30th at 4PM PT, complete challenges to earn Intergalactic Credits, Talisman Evolution Materials, Heavenly Currency and more.

Intergalactic Credits can be traded in store for a variety of items including Bruiser Souls, Rogar, A Stranger in Time himself and new Cosmic Purity Talismans!

This Cosmic High Virtue Talisman comes with the Purity passive. T1 Talismans will disable enemy Lust Talismans, T2 will disable enemy Lust and Hex Talismans, and the T3 will disable enemy Lust Talismans, Hex Talismans and Lilith Character Passive abilities. The passive ability also does the following:

If another Talisman effect or Character Passive is disabled by this Talisman, gain the following:

  • Inflict Crave and Punishment for the duration of the battle on all enemies at the start of battle.
  • Grant immunity to negative effects, including Silver effects, for 1 turn to each ally without beneficial effects, including Golden effects, at the start of battle and after every action.
  • If no Talisman effects or Character Passives are disabled by this Talisman, gain the following:
  • Remove a random negative effect, including Silver effects, from each enemy after every action. For every enemy affected, inflict them with ‘immunity to beneficial effects, including golden effects’ for 1 turn and grant a random beneficial effect, including golden effects, to a random ally for 9 turns.

Note: At the end of this event, any unspent Currency will be automatically converted into Precious Soul Fragments at a 10% rate.

Bruiser Soul Details!

The Bruiser Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class. This soul has an increased chance of summoning 5★ Sentinel Celestra, Stranger in Time , and has an exclusive chance of summoning 5★ Warrior Rogar, A Stranger in Time.

Each Bruiser Soul summoned will also grant the following bonus rewards:
10 Rogar, A Stranger in Time Soul Fragments
20 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments

500 Rogar, A Stranger in Time Soul Fragments guarantees 1 5★ Warrior Rogar, A Stranger in Time.

400 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments guarantees a Tier 1 to Tier 3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman and 5★ Gold Idol.

Heavenly Currency is the event currency of our Divine Origins event running from September to the end of November.

Trade your Heavenly Currency in the Event Store for rare rewards including Amaterasu, Zodiac Talismans and more!

IMPORTANT: Cure What Ales You is the FINAL Divine Origins associated event. Once this event ends you will no longer be able to collect Heavenly Currency! You MUST spend your currency on Divine Origin items by December 5th at 4pm PT.