Cyborg in a Strange Land Fragment Event

Collect Cyborg Bird Soul Fragments and claim Cyborg “The Bird”!

From February 13-16, complete Event Challenges in the Cosmos in order to earn Cyborg Bird and Evolution Soul Fragments.

Cyborg ‘The Bird” is a 4⭐Gunner who specializes in True Damage!

🔫Shoot ‘em up! Cyborg the Bird’s Power attack, Rapid Spray, deals 6 hits of true damage to random target, and has a 30% chance to Steal Power, Steal Fury, or Steal a Beneficial Effect on each hit.

200 Cyborg Bird Fragments = 1 4⭐Cyborg “The Bird” GUARANTEED!

Check the ‘Events’ tab in the Challenge menu to view all the Cyborg in a Strange Land Event Challenges ->

Tip: If you can’t complete all these Challenges, you’ll have a second chance to earn more Cyborg Bird Soul Fragments in our Final Celebration event starting February 16!