Earn extra Ironite every day in Legacy of the Beast’s newest event!

Complete Challenges for Ironite!

From now until March 17th, 5 PM PT, new Event Challenges will appear every day that reward Ironite for clearing Cosmos Quests and winning Arena battles. Complete them for up to 40 additional Ironite each day!

🎉 Important: Please note that challenges refresh every day at reset time (midnight UTC). Challenges not completed before reset will be replaced with new challenges for that day (or will just be expired at the end of the event).

Use your newly acquired Ironite and take advantage of special limited time deals in the Legacy of the Beast store!

💰We’re offering Gold piles at an 80% discount PLUS items that are not normally available, including Frontier Coins, Class Legendary Souls and Trooper Soul Fragments.

Learn more about this event and all of our store offers in the LOTB newsfeed: http://m.onelink.me/49d39710