Earn Lightbringer Relics in the Arena! – New Event on NOW!

The Lightbringer Arena Event is on NOW!

From December 15th to December 22nd at 4 PM PT earn Iron Coins, Snow Soul Fragments, Lightbringer Relics and more by achieving milestones in the Arena!

Meet the event objectives below to earn the corresponding rewards:

Tier 1
10 Arena Wins
Tier 2
30 Arena Wins
Tier 3
50 Arena Wins
Iron Coins x100
75 Snow Fragments

Iron Coins x300
Rare Soul x1
150 Snow Fragments

Iron Coins x500
Lightbringer Relic (ATK)
250 Snow Fragments

Tier 5
100 Arena Wins
Tier 6
200 Arena Wins
Additional Rewards
**300 Arena Wins
Iron Coins x1000
Lightbringer Relic (Magic)
500 Snow Fragments
Iron Coins x2000
Lightbringer Relic (HP)
1250 Snow Fragments
Legendary Soul x1
Skill Shard x2

**Keep on fighting! Every 100 wins past our Tier 5 reward will give you additional prizes. You can keep going until our reward cap of 500 wins.

Lightbringer Relics give players a limited-time 50% boost to various character stats in Lord of Light and Event Dungeons.

Please note: These Relics expire 2 weeks after being earned. These Relics will not increase stats in the Brave New World Dungeons.

Track your Arena wins in the Event tab of the Challenge menu!

Go Ed to Ed now -> http://m.onelink.me/49d39710