Earn new 4-set Banner Talismans – Bloodied Banner Arena Event on Now!

Earn Banner Talismans – Shield your Team!

Earn Banner Talismans, Iron Coins, and Gold by achieving milestones in the Arena!

Banner Talismans are a yellow talisman with a 4 set effect. Equip them to grant a random Shield to all allies for the first turn of battle. These talismans also remove a beneficial effect from the enemy and heal the equipped character for 5% of their Max HP every time an ally takes damage.

From now until April 27th at 5 PM PT, there are new event challenges added to the Challenges screen. These reward you for getting a certain amount of plays in the Arena before the event is over:

Every 10 Plays Every 25 Plays
Iron Coins x25
Talisman Soul Fragments x10
Gold x10,000
Iron Coins x50
Frontier Coins x25
Gold x15,000
Every 50 Plays Every 125 Plays
Iron Coins x100
Skill Shard x1
Gold x20,000
Iron Coins x250
3⭐ Banner (Onslaught) Talisman
Gold x25,000
Every 250 Plays
Iron Coins x400
Catalyst Souls x3
Gold x30,000

Win or lose – every play counts toward these event rewards! Please note that this event caps rewards at 500 Arena plays total. Any battles after 500 plays will not grant additional rewards.

Please note that these items will be granted when you complete your Arena battle, and will stack if you meet multiple requirements. For example, when you reach 50 wins, you will earn the rewards for 10 wins, 25 wins, and 50 wins at the same time.

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