Earn new 5-set Light Talismans – Arena of Souls Event on Now!

Earn Light Talismans – Get Perfect Immortality Every Turn!

Earn Light Talismans, Rare Soul Fragments, and Gold by achieving milestones in the Arena!

Light Talismans are yellow Talismans with a 5 set effect. Equip them to grant Grant Perfect Immortality to all allies every turn for 1 turn. These Talismans also permanently increase a random defensive stat on each ally by 1% whenever you take damage and will heal you for 50% of your MISSING HP when taking damage while below 50% HP.

From May 4th until May 11th at 5 PM PT, there are new event challenges added to the Challenges screen. These reward you for getting a certain amount of plays in the Arena before the event is over:

10 Plays 25 Plays 50 Plays
Iron Coins x50
Rare Soul Fragments x50
Gold x25,000
Iron Coins x100
Rare Soul Fragments x100
Rare Warrior Soul Fragments x60
3⭐ Light (Onslaught) Talisman x1
Rare Warrior Soul Fragments x120
Rare Sentinel Soul Fragments x60
75 Plays 100 Plays 150 Plays
Iron Coins x200
Rare Sentinel Soul Fragments x120
Rare Magus Soul Fragments x60
3⭐ Light (Onslaught) Talisman x1
Iron Coins x250
Rare Magus Soul Fragments x120
Rare Warrior Soul Fragments x180
Rare Sentinel Soul Fragments x180
Rare Magus Soul Fragments x180
200 Plays 250 Plays 300 Plays
3⭐ Light (Onslaught) Talisman x1
Rare Gunner Soul Fragments x100
Rare Assassin Soul Fragments x100
Gold x150,000
Rare Gunner Soul Fragments x150
Rare Assassin Soul Fragments x150
3⭐ Light (Onslaught) Talisman x1
Rare Gunner Soul Fragments x200
Rare Assassin Soul Fragments x200
Stretch Goal: 400 Plays
3⭐ Light (Onslaught) Talisman x1
Legendary Soul x1
Skill Shard x2

Win or lose – every play counts toward these event rewards!

Make more progress towards Angel and Gambler Eddie! Every Rare Soul (including Class Rare Souls) summoned until May 9th will grant 5 Angel and Gambler Soul Fragments! Use the Rare Soul Fragments earned during this event to claim even more Fragments!

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