Eternal Encounter – Battle for new Cosmic Valhalla Maiden Talismans + MORE

Earn rare rewards by completing challenges in the Arena!

From now until May 16th at 5 PM PT, there are new event challenges added to the Challenges screen. These reward you for completing specific objectives in the Arena before the event is over. Objectives include winning Arena battles using only Basic Attacks, as well as using specific classes.

Rewards include Chosen Fragments, a variety of Frontier Keys, Iron Coins, Gold, Awakening Shards and more!

Trade Chosen Fragments for Rewards!
Chosen Fragments can be traded for a variety of rewards including Cosmic Valhalla Maiden Talismans Sands of Blood and more!

New Cosmic Valhalla Maiden Talismans can be equipped to any Valhalla Maiden! They will increase all stats in battle, reduce incoming damage and will also reduce the healing of all enemies by 50%. They also give Immunity to Stop and Stun effects to all allies, and will inflict Punishment and Accuracy Down on a random enemy for 2 turns every action.

Since Chosen Fragments are meant to be spent in store they will ‘loop’ if you claim a Chosen Soul (if claimed, a Chosen Soul will simply produce 500 Chosen Fragments, and 1 1* Gold Idol, thus returning the fragments used to create it, and the Gold spent to summon it). If you do not wish to spend these Fragments in store, you can always convert them into Precious Soul Fragments.

Many Eternal Encounter event challenges will also provide Forged Soul Fragments.

Forged Fragments are the event currency of the Forge of Destiny Mega Event.

Trade your Forged Fragments in the Mega Store for rare rewards including Freya Cosmic Talismans and Odin himself!

**BONUS: For the duration of the Eternal Encounter event, Eternity Soul Fragments you earn from the weekly Arena resets can be traded for Eternity Talismans!

Eternity Talismans are purple talismans with a 5 set effect that is not available anywhere else! Equip a full set for the following effects: Grant Perfect Hit to all allies at the start of battle for 2 turns. Grant Physical, Magic, and True Block to self for 1 turn if Perfect Hit, Regen, or Charge is present at the start of your turn. Remove All Beneficial Effects, including Golden Effects, Stun, and inflict Perfect Disable for 1 turn on a random enemy if Passive Disable is active on any enemy at the start of your turn. Fully heal and removes Doom effects from all enemies if the wearer of this talisman has the Shawl of Styx passive.

Notes on Clan Event Challenges:

Players can join a Clan part way through an event in order to obtain these extra Event Challenges.

If you are removed from your Clan, or choose to Leave a Clan during the event, you will no longer be able to participate in the Clan Event Challenges. After the 24 hour cooldown you can then join a different Clan. This will give you access to any active Clan Event Challenges, and any Clan Group Challenges will be updated to the current total for your new Clan. If the Clan has already completed and claimed a Clan Group Challenge, the new member will not be able to claim that reward. Players will not gain double rewards by Clan hopping.