Eternity Eddie is here! Discover our Soul Fragments System now

Our most recent update has introduced 2 new Souls, 6 characters and an all-new feature – Soul Fragments! Collect Soul Fragments to create either Eternity or Precious Souls.

Eternity Soul
Eternity Soul Fragments are earned through the Arena. Gain them via weekly PvP Rewards or by purchasing packs of them with Iron Coins in the Arena store!

Eternity Souls grant you one of 4 Eternals:

  • Eternity Eddie
  • The Clairvoyant
  • Wrath
  • Beelzebub


Precious Soul
Collect Precious Soul fragments and combine them to create valuable Precious Souls that when Sacrificed give out large amounts of Sacrifice essence or Gold! Precious Soul Fragments are found in Skull Quests or can be earned by converting any other type of Fragment in the Soul Fragment menu.

These Souls produce 1 of 2 characters:

  • Sacrificial Hearts (provide a large amount of Sacrifice essence)
  • Gold Idols (provide a large amount of Gold)


Head to the forums to learn more this update and our latest feature!