Event Exclusive Character! Collect a 4⭐Magus Undead Rescuer GUARANTEED!

Open the Book of Souls for our latest character fragment event!

Every Rare Soul opened from September 7 to September 16 at 5pm PDT has a chance of rewarding Rescuer Soul Fragments. When Rescuer Soul Fragments are rewarded, they will appear in bundles of 10, 20 or if you’re really lucky, 50!

Collect 200 Rescuer Soul Fragments & claim a Soul guaranteed to produce a 4⭐Magus Undead Rescuer.

The Magus Undead Rescuer is a magical heavy hitter! He is able to curse all enemies at the start of battle and will gain Invincibility if he has Regen at the start of any of his turns.

Raze your opponents! Using his Power ability, The Magus Undead Rescuer deals high Magic damage on a single opponent, inflicts Permadeath for 2 turns, and has a 45% Chance to Remove Beneficial Effects.

💎BONUS REWARD💎Every Rare Soul redeemed during this period is also guaranteed to grant 5 Legendary Soul Fragments (20 Rare Souls summoned = 1 Legendary Soul earned!)

⚠️The Rescuer and Legendary Soul Fragments are only earned from using “Rare Souls”. Rare Magus Souls, Rare Gun/Assassin Souls, Event Souls, etc will not yield fragments when used. This character is NOT available in any other Souls, so if you miss the opportunity to summon the Magus Undead Rescuer, it may be a very long time until you get another chance!

See the Newsfeed in game for more details: http://m.onelink.me/49d39710