Garden of Humanity – Earn Cosmic Compassion and Cosmic Red Mask Talismans

From now until August 25th at 5PM PDT, battle in the Brave New World dungeons for a chance of earning Righteous Currency. Normally, when it drops, you’ll earn 5 or 10 pieces of event currency, but if you’re lucky, you could earn 25 pieces of event currency from one battle.

BONUS: Trade your extra Fallen Fortress, Airstrip, Gangland and Common Gold Key Souls in store for packs of Righteous Currency!

Righteous Currency can be traded in store for new Cosmic High Virtue – Compassion Talismans, Red Mask Cosmic Talismans, Ale Awakening Shards and more!

The Cosmic High Virtue Talismans come with the Compassion passive. T1 Talismans will disable enemy Envious Talismans, T2 will disable enemy Envious and Memorial Talismans, and the T3 will disable enemy Envious Talismans, Memorial Talismans and Oni character passive abilities. The passive ability also does the following:

If another Talisman effect or Character Passive is disabled by this Talisman, gain the following:
• Inflict a random Burn Effect for 3 turns on each enemy with Revenge, Perfect Hit, Critical Strike Chance or Sacrifice, including Golden versions, after every action. Inflict Perfect Stun for 1 turn on each enemy not affected in this way.
If no Talisman effects or Character Passives are disabled by this Talisman, gain the following:
• Heal all allies by 50% of their MISSING HP and remove all Bleed and Burn Effects from them after every action. For each effect removed this way, heal a random enemy by 2% of their MISSING HP and remove Revenge, Perfect Hit, Critical Strike Chance and Sacrifice, including Golden versions, from them.

This event also features a number of challenges which award additional Righteous Currency, a Night City Awakening Shard, Salvaged Technology and more!

Note: At the end of this event, any unspent Currency will be automatically converted into Precious Soul Fragments at a 5% rate.

Salvaged Technology Currency is the event currency of our Different World event running throughout August.

Trade your Salvaged Technology Currency in the Event Store for rare rewards including Different World Eddie, Cosmic Different World Talismans and more!