Gauntlet Season Eight – Battle for The Ghost of the Navigator!

Earn Ghost of the Navigator Soul Fragments and other Rare Rewards in the Gauntlet.

Our eighth Gauntlet season starts now and will run until October 25th at 5pm PT. Battle through 11 Grades of Gauntlet, each presenting unique challenges and rewards to earn a place on our Ranked Leaderboard. The Ranked Rewards for Season 8 will feature Ghost of the Navigator Fragments, in addition to other rewards.

You will have 10 weeks (until the end of Season 8) to earn enough Ghost of the Navigator Fragments from the Gauntlet to summon him, after that he will be much more difficult to obtain, as he won’t be featured in any other soul.

The Ghost of the Navigator is a 5 star Sentinel hero-class ally with extremely potent skills. The Ghost of the Navigator drowns his opponents in a wide variety of negative status effects, while staying afloat throughout battle thanks to his passive immunity to all Heal Block and Max HP reduction effects!

His power ability, ‘Lash to the Mast’, Transforms Each Negative Effect on himself into a Random Beneficial Effect and will apply Soul Shackle to a single target. Soul Shackle Drains the target’s MAX HP and also ensures that the Ghost cannot take more than 5% of his MAX HP as damage from any single attack.

Get full character details in the Compendium!

Players who make it to Grade A and above will also be awarded Final Frontier Eddie Fragments!

Final Frontier Eddie Fragments can be collected over several Gauntlet seasons. Once you have 1,000 Fragments, you will earn a Guaranteed Final Frontier Eddie.

Final Frontier Eddie is a 5★ Sentinel that is only available by collecting Fragments in the Gauntlet.