Hallowed Eddie is here! Claim this 5⭐ Gunner today!

Prepare to meet your maker!

5⭐Gunner Hallowed Eddie has arrived in the Book of Souls.

This Eddie is a single target attacker who can provide a wide variety of potent positive and negative effects to become an unkillable machine

Claim him today in the Hallowed Be Thy Game Mega Event! Simply battle throughout the game from October 26th to November 2nd at 5pm PDT to earn Halloween Souls!

The Halloween Soul provides 3-5⭐ characters of ANY class, and gives you an **increased chance of summoning Hallowed Eddie, Fear of the Dark Eddie and The Prisoner.

You can earn Halloween Souls in a variety of ways:

🎃Check the Specials tab! Purchase limited quantities of Halloween Souls with Gold, Iron Coins, or Trooper Badges from the Specials tab in the LOTB store! Play all Cosmos Worlds, use your Troopers, and battle in the Arena to gain these resources and secure more of these Souls!

🎃Play Brave New World! Every successful clear of a Brave New World dungeon floor has a chance to drop a Halloween Soul! The higher floors will have a better chance than lower floors.

🎃Approach the Altar! Sacrifice Tiers IV and above have a chance of dropping Halloween Souls!

🎉SACRIFICE BONUS: All Vortex rewards give a bonus 5 Halloween Souls in addition to their regular rewards.

**Hallowed Eddie is a 5 star Gunner available now in all appropriate souls, including the limited time Halloween Soul. Increased chance of summoning is only granted by the Halloween Souls.

Get more details in the LOTB newsfeed: http://m.onelink.me/49d39710