Heightened Agility – Earn Rabbit Zodiac Talismans, High Virtue Patience Talismans and more!

From now until March 20th at 5PM PT, complete event challenges for rewards including Iron Coins, a Night City Awakening Shard, Cunning Currency, Chaos Orbs and more!

See the Challenge menu for full details!

Cunning Currency can be traded in store for rare talismans including Cosmic High Virtue Patience Talismans, Cosmic Trooper Eddie Talismans and new Rabbit Talismans.

The Zodiac Rabbit Talisman in a blue talisman with a 2-set effect. Equip them to gain the following effect:

Grant Immunity to all allies for 2 turns at the start of battle. 50% Chance to cleanse, heal, or revive a random ally whenever you take damage.

Gain the following Ascendant Effect if any other Zodiacal Talismans are active on self:

50% Chance to take no damage, remove all immunity and vanish effects including their golden version, inflict Passive or Perfect Disable on attacking enemies for 2 turns.

Chaos Orbs is the event currency of our Ultimate Apocalypse event running until March 31st.

Trade your Chaos Orbs in the Event Store for rare rewards including Demon Prince Asmodeus, Cosmic Mask Talismans and more!

**BONUS: For the duration of this event, Eternity Soul Fragments you earn from the weekly Arena resets can be traded for Eternity Talismans!

Eternity Talismans are purple talismans with a 5 set effect that is not available anywhere else! Equip a full set for the following effects:

Grant Immunity and Perfect Hit to all allies for 2 turns at the start of battle. Remove All Silver Effects from self and gain Physical, Magic and True Block for 1 turn if Perfect Hit effects, including Golden and Innate effects, are active on self at the start of battle, after every action and when you take damage. Remove All Beneficial Effects, including Golden effects, from all enemies and inflict Stun and Passive Disable on them for 1 turn if any ally is suffering from Passive Disable effects, including Silver and Innate effects, at the start of battle and at the start of your turn.