Introducing Heroic Souls!

Heroic Souls are the latest addition to Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast. This new kind of soul guarantees a 3★-5★ character with some very important differences:

  • The list of possible characters in Heroic Souls is much smaller (there are only 10 potential characters!). This means that if you see a character you want, it’s much more likely to be earned in that soul compared to other Rare-quality souls, or even Legendary-quality souls!
  • You’ll earn 10 character fragments for a specific 5★ character every time you open a Heroic Soul. Collect 500 to get the guaranteed 5★ character!
  • The list of characters you can earn from Heroic Souls changes every two weeks (both the randomly possible characters and the guaranteed 5★ character fragments**). The character you will earn is determined when you open the soul, so saved up souls will change what they can give over time!

**The Heroic Soul will eventually rotate back to previously featured character fragments, and we will also have other events in the future that will award these 5★ character fragments. Use Heroic Souls to kickstart your collection to earning these iconic, meta-defining characters!

You’ll be able to collect Heroic Soul Fragments from monthly events, or get them from Heroic Summoning Packs which are currently available in store.

Our first Heroic Fragment event is on NOW! Check the newsfeed or read below to get the full details:

A Heroic Debut!

From now until May 7th, 5 PM PT, you can start earning the new Heroic Souls from Event Challenges!

These event challenges are inspired by one of the currently-featured 5★ characters, the Witch Doctor! Clear Cosmos quests and inflict negative effects to earn Heroic Soul Fragments! 50 Fragments = 1 Heroic Soul.

Until May 14th, 5 PM PT, each Heroic Soul opened will guarantee 10 Cyborg Eddie fragments, and will give you one of the following characters:

Samurai Eddie (5★ Warrior)
The Witch Doctor (5★ Sentinel)
Magus Undead Rescuer (4★ Magus)
Gunner Hellraiser (4★ Gunner)
Astra, Valkyrie Slayer (4★ Assassin)
Warrior Golden Son (3★ Warrior)
Magus Allied Soldier (3★ Magus)
Sentinel Corrupt Ox Cultist (3★ Sentinel)
Gunner Dog (3★ Gunner)
Burning Mummy Dog (3★ Assassin)

Check the Heroic Soul page in the newsfeed to see current and upcoming characters rotations for the Heroic Soul. ->