Iron Eddie takes the stage! Earn Shred Souls in the Arena.

Pick up your axe and shred!

Iron Eddie is here to electrify Legacy of the Beast! This 4⭐Assassin is a healer and negative effect caster who can inflict Blind, Silence, Crave, and up to 7 different effects at once with his Fury.

This latest Eddie is now available in the Book of Souls! Use Shred Souls for an increased chance of receiving Iron Eddie. Shred Souls are available in the LOTB Store, or can be obtained through the Up the Irons Arena Event!

This event runs from March 24th to the 31st at 5pm PT.

Rewards for this event will be delivered via a loot chest at the end of battle immediately after you meet the milestone requirements. There is no waiting until after the event is over, and no need to manually claim from the Challenges screen!

Meet the objectives below to earn the corresponding rewards:

Tier 1
10 Arena Wins
Tier 2
30 Arena Wins
Tier 3
75 Arena Wins
Shred Soul x1
Iron Coins x150
Shred Soul x1
Skill Shard x1
3⭐Shadow (Barrier) Talisman x1
Shred Soul x2
Assassin Legendary Soul x1
3⭐Shadow (Barrier) Talisman x1
Tier 4
150 Arena Wins
Tier 5
300 Arena Wins
Stretch Goals!
**400 Arena Wins
Shred Soul x3
Skill Shard x1
Iron Coins x350
3⭐Shadow (Barrier) Talisman x1
Shred Soul x3
Iron Coins x500
3⭐Shadow (Barrier) Talisman x1
Shred Soul x5
Skill Shard x1
3⭐Shadow (Barrier) Talisman x1

**Keep on fighting! Every 100 wins past our Tier 5 reward will give you additional prizes. You can keep going until our reward cap of 1000 wins.

Track your Arena wins in the Event tab of the Challenge menu!

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