Lilith is here! Collect 5 new 5⭐Heroes in the Lilith’s Arrival Event!

Collect Light Soul Fragments for a chance at Lilith!

From March 6th until March 12th at 5 PM PT**, complete challenges to earn the limited time Light Soul for a chance of summoning 5 classes of Lilith!

Liliths are hero-class allies with extremely potent skills and passives. Learn more about the 5 classes of Lilith, and her origins here:

The Light Soul is the ONLY Soul available in game that gives you a chance of obtaining one of the new Lilith characters. In addition to an exclusive chance at Lilith, Light Souls guarantee a 3 to 5⭐ character of any class.

Complete Event Challenges to earn Light Soul Fragments. 200 fragments = 1 Light Soul! You can earn up to 7 Light Souls from challenges over the course of the event.

Light Souls can also be purchased from the LOTB Specials tab for Ironite in bundles of 1, 3, or 10.

Important: The five Liliths are not available from any soul other than the Light Soul. Once the event is over, you can still work towards earning all the Liliths in the following ways:

  1. Fragments of a Lilith Soul will be available to collect as an additional bonus on top of normal event rewards in select future events. The Lilith Soul will guarantee one of the five classes of Lilith, in addition to granting Frontier Coins (similar to the Trooper and Eternity Souls), allowing you to slowly accrue the full collection over time. You will have an opportunity to start collecting Lilith Soul Fragments from an event later this month.
  2. Purchase a specific class of Lilith from the Frontier Shop (price TBD!). You can earn Frontier Coins by opening Eternity, Trooper and Lilith Souls.

**Please be aware that Daylight Saving Time starts in the United States and some (but not all) other countries in the middle of this event.