Lost in Purgatory – Battle for Frozen Wasteland Keys and Limbo Talismans!

From now until January 15th 4M PT, complete Event Challenges in Skull Quests to earn a Frozen Wasteland Key Souls, Cosmic Evolution Materials and Limbo Talismans!

Limbo Talismans are blue talismans with a 3-set effect that is not available anywhere else! Equip them to gain a 35% Chance to Remove Perfect Immunity and inflict Perfect Corruption, Perfect Stun, or Perfect Blind on a random enemy for 2 turns when you take damage. The wearer of the talismans will also gain a 100% Critical Strike Chance and Echo for 2 turns after each action if any enemy lacks Silver Effects.

During this event, Skull Quests will also be granting 1 bonus reward, in addition to normal level rewards. Bonus rewards include Frozen Wasteland Key Souls (20% chance of dropping!), Awakening Soul Fragments, Ironite, Heroic Soul Fragments, Skill Shards and more!

Frozen Wasteland Frontier Key Dungeon

Battle in this dungeon to gain T2-T3 Blue Cosmic Talismans!

The Keys for this dungeon will only be available during Skull Quest events, or occasionally as rewards in other monthly events. The Keys will not be available in the Frontier Store.

Gain access to the Frozen Wasteland Dungeon by earning Frozen Wasteland Key Souls in Skull Quests (during events only). Summon these Key Souls to unlock the Frozen Wasteland Dungeon in the Time Rift!

Once it is unlocked, the Frozen Wasteland Dungeon will be open for 8 hours total. There are no limits on how many times the dungeon can be played within that time frame. We have recently added a new difficulty setting to this dungeon, so you can now take on both Hard AND Madness settings.

The first time completion rewards for this dungeon are Talisman Soul Fragments, an Epic Soul, a Skill Shard and Ironite.

Each playthrough afterwards will grant you a chance for rewards such as Cosmic Evo materials, Evo Shards and more, as well as a GUARANTEED DROP of Icy Talisman Legendary Soul Fragments.

Collect 500 Icy Talisman Legendary Soul Fragments to create 1 Icy Talisman Legendary Soul.

This Soul is guaranteed to drop a random T2 or T3 Blue Cosmic Talisman, as well as 100 Icy Mythic Talisman Soul Fragments.

Collect 1000 of this Mythic Talisman Fragment to earn the Icy Mythic Talisman Soul. This Soul is guaranteed to drop a T3 Blue Cosmic Talisman.

**IMPORTANT: If you summon another Frozen Wasteland Frontier Key Soul while the corresponding Dungeon is already open you will refresh that dungeon’s countdown timer.

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