New event on now!! Earn New 6-set Talisman and Nebu Fragments!

An Eclipse Over The Cosmos Event on NOW!

From June 28th to July 3rd at 5pm PT, complete Event Challenges in the Cosmos story levels to earn new exclusive 6-Set Eclipse Talismans!

Eclipse Talismans grand Shroud for the duration of the battle, which converts all damage taken to 5% of your MAX HP and makes you Immune to Reduce MAX HP effects.

Every Event Challenge completed will ALSO award you with Nebu Fragments! Nebu Fragments are the currency of the Gods, and will allow you to purchase the God of Powerslave of your choice in the Specials Store.

❗IMPORTANT: Do NOT convert these fragments. These Fragments are used as currency during Gods of Powerslave Mega Event, so hold on to them until the end of summer.

☠ Some of these event challenges will require you to apply negative effects, as well as clear the hardest battle of each world while meeting extra conditions!

Help your Troopers out and set Champions that can apply some of these effects, and also meet character class requirements:

  • Iron Eddie
  • Fear of the Dark Eddie
  • Sentinel Lilith
  • Astra, Valkyrie Slayer
  • Magus Trickster
  • Angel of Pain

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