Night City Mega-Event on All Winter Long

The Night City Mega Event is a winter-long series of events that will feature a number of collectible characters associated with Night City.

Throughout the course of this event you will be able to collect Blood Fragments which can be traded in for unique items in the Specials Store.

Blood Soul Fragments are the central event currency for the Night City Mega Events and will drop or be rewarded in all associated events.

Blood Fragments can be saved an traded in for the following items in the Specials Store:

  • Rotating Night City Mega-Event Soul Fragments x40 (3 Blood Fragments, 5/Day)
  • Rare Soul x1 (10 Blood Fragments, 5/Day)
  • Skill Shard x1 (25 Blood Fragments, 2/Week)
  • Venom Talisman (Shield) x1 (50 Blood Fragments, 3/Week)
  • Radiant Talisman (Onslaught) x1 (75 Blood Fragments, 4/Week)
  • Warlord Talisman (Barrier) x1 (100 Blood Fragments, 2/Week)
  • 3* London Officer Character Soul (50 Blood Fragments, 1 TIME PURCHASE ONLY)
  • 4* Banshee Warrior Character Soul (375 Blood Fragments, 1 TIME PURCHASE ONLY)
  • 5* The Killer Prime Character Soul (875 Blood Fragments, 1 TIME PURCHASE ONLY)
    • The London Officer is a strong support that grants Endure to a random ally every turn and can Increase the Critical Strike Chance, DEF, and MR of all allies, while inflicting Seal and Permadeath on his enemies.

      The Banshee Warrior is the ruthless leader of the Banshee Gang in Night City and brings a powerful and aggressive skill set to match her attitude. She is capable of disarming her opponents by removing their offensive beneficial effects every turn and inflicting massive damage and various negative effects, such as Perfect Corruption and Grevious Burns based on her ATK and DEF stats.

      The Killer Prime is an evolved version of The Killer. He is a powerful Sentinel that can remove beneficial effects from all enemies and inflict Curse and Permadeath on every turn!

      Please note that The Killer Prime, London Officer and Banshee warrior are ONLY available in the Special Store using Blood Soul Fragments. At the conclusion of this event, these characters will be much more difficult to obtain, as they won’t be featured in any other soul.

      IMPORTANT: Blood Fragments can also be used to make Blood Souls, which will drop a 5★ Sacrificial Heart. Sacrificial Hearts will give you high sacrifice essence when sacrificed, but cannot be used to purchase the items available for Blood Fragments. Converting Blood Fragments into their Souls and/or opening those Souls is not reversible, so please avoid spending your Blood Fragments in that manner unless you’re not interested in any of the offers available in the Specials Store.