We have collaborated with director Corin Hardy for 2 years in a row on a very special character – The Edless Horseman!

In October 2020 we introduced the Edless Horseman character, who was based on the infamous Headless Horseman of legend. The pumpkin head seen in game was designed by Corin Hardy himself, who carved a real life version in his workshop.

Check out Corin’s creative process, and everything that went into the creation of the original Edless Horseman in the video below!

In October 2021, we decided to revist the character and give him a boost by awakening him! Players are now able to awaken their Edless Horseman to receive the dreaded Edless Cavalier!

We wanted to give this character a fresh look and made a number of changes to his mount, and uniform. There is also another incredible unique pumpkin head design from Corin Hardy himself.

Want to see the Edless Cavalier come to life? Take a look at the video below!


The Edless Horseman is all about stunning the enemy and punishing them through Fear. The name of the Edless Horseman’s passive is obviously from the track Los’fer Words (Big ‘Orra) and I was jamming to that a bunch while designing his attacks!

There have been many great variations on this type of character in books and film, so we wanted to try something a little different. Visually, our version of the Edless Horseman was designed around the concept of a medieval knight that has embellished his gothic engraved armour with natural elements that have been scavenged from the dark forest he inhabits.

Get free Edless Horseman wallpapers here »

When awakened, the Edless Horseman becomes the Edless Cavalier and gains the Losfer Woods Revenant passive, makring him and his allies immune to Fear and Curse! Should one of his enemies die while a Fear effect is one them, he will instantly inflict Unblockable Sleep for 3 turns on all other enemies.

The Edless Horseman is a seasonal character available every Halloween season!