Power up your characters with Relics!

Our latest update introduced Relics, a brand new way to modify and strengthen your team! Relics are items that can be added to your account that grant stat bonuses to your characters.

There are a wide variety of Relics and each one can increase a single stat or multiple stats. Please note that Relics will only increase a character’s base stats (it does NOT increase the bonus stats you get from Talismans). Currently, there are 2 categories of Relics

  • Global Relics – These increase the advertised stat(s) for all of your characters in all game modes.
  • Class Specific Relics – These increase the advertised stat(s) for only one class of character in all game modes. There are Relics available for every character class (Warrior, Sentinel, Magus, Assassin and Gunner)

There are currently 36 Relics available in-game, all of which can be purchased with Iron Coins in the Arena Store.

Use them to boost the following stats:

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Magic
  • Magic Resistance
  • Special

Want even more power? Each Relic can be leveled up to receive even bigger stat boosts!

Check the ‘Relics’ button in the My Team screen to view all bonuses currently active on your account. You can also check the Relic bonuses active on each character by tapping, and holding any of your characters while in battle!

Our relics system will continue to expand over time. In future updates, you can expect to see Mode Specific Relics (ie stat increases restricted to a specific game mode like the Arena, or only in Brave New World, etc.), limited Time Relics, as well as more avenues to earn them outside of the Arena.

Start collecting Relics and power up your team today -> http://m.onelink.me/49d39710