Powerslave Dungeon Launch – Earn Fragments to trade for Awakening Material

The Powerslave Dungeon – a new permanent Frontier Dungeon has just launched!

To celebrate its release, we’re having a 6 day event where you can work towards Powerslave Awakening Material and 2 new character specific Talismans!

From now until January 20th at 4PM PT, complete Event Challenges in the Powerslave Frontier Dungeon to earn Powerslave Fragments, Gold, Talisman Soul Fragments and MORE!

You can access the Powerslave Dungeon by purchasing Key Souls with Gold (this event only) or with Frontier Coins. More details on the Dungeon below!

Powerslave Soul Fragments are used in store to purchase rare items including character specific Cosmic Talismans for Horus and Nomad! These rare items are available in the store only during this event, and it may be a long time before you see them again.

The Cosmic Horus Talisman provides an exclusive bonus when equipped to Horus. This Talisman increases all stats in battle, and reduces incoming damage. It also grants Perfect Health to all allies, deals additional random damage every action and inflicts Perfect Stun and Perfect Disable.

The Cosmic Nomad Talisman provides an exclusive bonus when equipped to The Nomad. This Talisman increases the stats of yourself and your allies in battle, and reduces incoming damage. It ensures that all of your attacks land as Perfect Attacks and that you are Immune to all Silence and Ability Disabling effects – this includes the silencing effect from the Moonchild’s Seven Angels and Seven Demons passive. Finally this Talismans will grant 1 Power and a 25% chance for an Extra Turn to each ally every action.

You can also trade in Powerslave Fragments to pick up Horus’s unique Awakening material – the Powerslave Awakening Shard!

Purchase this Awakening Shard so you can finish Awakening Horus!