Pride’s Fall – Sacrifice for new 5-set Prideful Talismans

From now until September 23rd at 5PM PT, earn bonuses from each tier of Sacrifice, in addition to normal sacrifice rewards.

Bonus rewards for each tier are as follows:

  • Tier I sacrifices: 2 Dignity Fragments
  • Tier II sacrifices: 6 Dignity Fragments
  • Tier III sacrifices: 20 Dignity Fragments
  • Tier IV sacrifices: 60 Dignity Fragments
  • Tier V sacrifices: 150 Dignity Fragments
  • Tier VI sacrifices: 250 Dignity Fragments
  • Tier VII sacrifice: 500 Dignity Fragments
  • Vortexes: 750 Dignity Fragments

Dignity Soul Fragments can be used in store to trade for rare items including Prideful (Onslaught) Talismans, Cosmic Freya Talismans, Cosmic Evo Materials and more!

Prideful Talismans are yellow talismans with a 5-set effect. Equip them for the following benefits:

Immune to Block Beneficial Effects and Perfect Corruption. Reduce all damage taken by 99% for 1 turn if you have at least 3 Golden Effects active at the start of battle and at the start of your turn. Permanently Increase All Stats, including Max HP, on each ally by +10% for each Golden Effect on them at the start of battle and at the start of your turn. Gain Immunity, Perfect Hit, Revenge and Charge for 1 turn if you lack Golden Effects at the start of battle and at the start of your turn. 35% Chance to grant a Random Golden Effect to self and a random ally for 3 turns when you take damage. Grant a Random Golden Effect to each ally for 3 turns if Perfect Hit effects, including Golden and Innate effects, are active on self after every action.

Complete Challenges to earn a variety of rewards including various Awakening Shards, Ghost of the Navigator Fragments and Invasion Fragments.

Invasion Fragments are the event currency of the Rise of the Empire Event.

Trade your Invasion Fragments in the Event Store for rare rewards including Khan Eddie, Mongol Cosmic Talismans and more!

Trade extra Alchemist Fragments, Rare or Common Souls for additional rewards! You can see the full list of items in the Event Store!

Did you know you can double or even triple your rewards for a sacrifice? Doing a sacrifice with a higher amount of essence than the minimum required gives you a chance of getting double rewards based on how much you’ve exceeded the essence requirement.