new green machine talisman

Refined Mechanism (Sands) – Earn Machine Talismans, Cosmic Final Frontier Eddie Talismans and more

From now until November 7th at 4PM PDT, complete event challenges to earn rewards such as new Hope Talismans, Magus Awakening Materials, Precision Parts, Galactic Credits and more!

Trade Precision Parts in store for additional Machine Talismans (Overwhelming, Mystical and Ward subtypes), as well as Cosmic Final Frontier Eddie Talismans.

The Machine Talisman is a green talisman with a 5-set effect. Equip these talismans to gain the following abilities:

Immune to Bleed Effects, Sleep Effects, Ghost and Dark Ghost Effects.

At the start of your turn, gain all Beneficial Effects not including Golden Effects from other allies equipped with a Machine Talisman set. Gain one of Force Shield, Disruption Shield, Reflect Shield or Power Shield for 1 turn at the start of your turn. Gain Perfect Accuracy Up for 2 turns at the start of battle.

Note: At the end of this event, any unspent Currency will be automatically converted into Sands of Time at a 5% rate.

Galactic Credits is the event currency of our Intergalactic Performance event running until November 30th 4pm PT.

Trade your Galactic Credits in the Event Store for rare rewards including Neon Cybermetal Eddie, Cosmic Saga Final Frontier Talismans and more!