Restless Specter – Brawl with Bosses for a chance at Sentinel Ronin Yurei!

A lost wanderer
Forgotten after his death
Seeking redemption

Sometimes, it just takes one wrong move to meet your end. Such was the case for this skilled ronin, now cursed to roam the holy mountainside. The Ronin Yurei fights in death as he did in life, protecting his allies with a fierce loyalty. His Bushido Code allows the Ronin to expertly intercept blows while granting him a random Damage Immunity Shield each action. By marking multiple foes, the Ronin Yurei can deal an insane number of blows on his enemies, cutting them down to ribbons.

From now until September 25th at 5PM PDT, complete event challenges to earn rewards such as Ghostly Remains, Magus Awakening Shards, Taurus Talismans, Heavenly Currency and more!

Ghostly Remains are the event currency for Restless Specter and can ALSO be earned by battling in the Fallen Fortress, Final Journey, Baphomet’s Bar, Samurai, Mystic Nights, Powerslave, Labyrinth and Infernal Dungeons. Trade this currency in-store for 1, 3 and 10 packs of Marked for Death Souls, Strange Land Awakening Shards, Rot Talismans and Ronin Yurei himself!

Note: At the end of this event, any unspent Currency will be automatically converted into Precious Soul Fragments at a 10% rate.

Marked for Death Soul Details!

The Marked for Death Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class. This soul has a 2x chance of summoning 5★ non-highlight characters and has an exclusive chance of summoning the new 5★ Sentinel Ronin Yurei.

Each Marked for Death Soul summoned will also grant the following bonus rewards:
10 Ronin Yurei Fragments
10 Shinobi Soul Fragments
10 Mythical Soul Fragments
20 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments

750 Ronin Yurei Fragments guarantees 1 5★ Sentinel Ronin Yurei.

350 Shinobi Soul Fragments guarantees any class of 4★ Shinobi or a 5★ Cosmic Shinobi!

400 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments guarantees a Tier 1 to Tier 3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman and 5★ Gold Idol.

Note: This is the FINAL Event Soul in the month of September that will contain Shinobi Soul Fragments. Don’t convert your fragments until the end of this event so you can take full advantage of this opportunity!

Heavenly Currency is the event currency of our Divine Origins event running from September to the end of November.

Trade your Heavenly Currency in the Event Store for rare rewards including Amaterasu, Zodiac Talismans and more!