Sacrificial Boar (Book of Souls) – Earn Zodiac Pig Talismans, Legacy Eddie and more!

From now until November 28th at 4PM PDT, every non-Heroic and non-Talisman Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic Soul you open in the Book of Souls, regardless of where you earned it (Skull Quests, bought from Store, earned from Sacrifice, etc) will give you a guaranteed bonus of Reinforced Bones Event Currency.

This event also features a number of challenges that reward additional Reinforced Bones, Passionate Awakening Shards, Galactic Credits and more.

Reinforced Bones can be traded in for new 2-set Zodiac Pig Talismans, Legacy Eddie, Dark Unmaker Gabriel, Cosmic Saga: Number of the Beast Talismans and more.

The Zodiac Pig Talisman is a blue talisman with a 2-set effect. Equip this talisman set to gain the following effects:

Immunity to Burn Effects, Freeze Effects and Bleed Effects.

When your HP drops below 50%, gain Attack Up and Magic Up for 3 turns.

Gain the following Ascendant Effect if any other Zodiacal Talismans are active on self:

When you die for the first time, revive to 100% MAX HP and gain Max HP Up, MR Up, and Defense Up for 5 turns.

Note: At the end of this event, any unspent Currency will be automatically converted into Heroic Legendary Soul Fragments at a 5% rate.


Galactic Credits is the event currency of our Intergalactic Performance event running until November 30th 4pm PT.

Trade your Galactic Credits in the Event Store for rare rewards including Neon Cybermetal Eddie, Cosmic Saga Final Frontier Talismans and more!

Reinforced Bones will be granted in the following amounts when the following Souls are summoned.

**Note – Heroic Souls and Talisman Souls will NOT give Reinforced Bones during this event: