Skeleton Crew – Earn Spectral Souls, a new Cosmic Artifact and more!

From now until March 8th at 4PM PT, complete Event Challenges in the Final Journey Frontier Dungeon to earn a variety of rewards, including Spectral Soul Fragments, Awakening Shards, Chaos Orbs and more!

You can access the Dungeon by:
Completing a repeatable event challenge (Spend 100 Sands of Time)
Claiming 1 free Key Soul in the store (this event only)
Purchasing Key Souls with Gold
Purchasing Key Souls with Frontier Coins.

More details on the Dungeon below!

Spectral Soul Fragments can be used in two ways! First, they can be traded in store for rare items, such as the Cosmic Nautical Talisman, Nautical Awakening Shards, Cosmic Evo Runes and the new Cosmic Artifact – Book of Soyga. Cosmic Artifacts are a new special kind of single tier cosmic talisman.

The Book of Soyga will grant it’s wearer the following ability:

The Black Accord:
Do the following if you are a Baphomet or Asmodeus character:
• Permanently increase All Stats of self by 150%.
• Gain ‘reduce all damage by 50%’ for the duration of the battle.
• Gain immunity from Accuracy Down Effects, Stop and Permadeath Effects for the duration of the battle.
• Remove all Golden effects from all characters.
• Inflict Innate Crave and Innate Permadeath for 1 turn on all enemies.
• Until your next turn, whenever an ally dies, inflict Perfect Blind, Perfect Silence and Perfect Accuracy Down for the duration of the battle on the attacker.
• If you die before your next turn, inflict Doom for 1 turn on the attacker. Otherwise do the following:
• Permanently increase All Stats of self by 25%.
• Gain ‘reduce all damage by 15%’ for the duration of the battle.
• Inflict Accuracy Down, Stop and Permadeath for the duration of the battle on self and all enemies.
• Remove all Golden effects from all characters.
• Inflict Perfect Crave and Perfect Death for 1 turn on self and all enemies.
• Instantly kill self if below 50% HP, and if you do, deal a hit of true and magic damage to a random enemy equal to 300% of your MAX HP.

The effects of The Black Accord can only be used once on your team per battle.

Spectral Soul Fragments can also be turned into Spectral Souls!

Spectral Soul Details!
The Spectral Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class with an increased chance for 5★ The Madam, The Count, Mad-Shot Murphy, Navigator Eddie and other ghostly crew themed characters!

Each Spectral Soul summoned will also grant the following bonus rewards:
10 Mythical Soul Fragments
20 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments

400 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments guarantees a Tier 1 to Tier 3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman and 1★ Gold Idol.

Chaos Orbs is the event currency of our Ultimate Apocalypse event running until March 31st.

Trade your Chaos Orbs in the Event Store for rare rewards including Demon Prince Asmodeus, Cosmic Mask Talismans and more!

Final Journey Frontier Key Dungeon

Earn Blackbeard Eddie by completing Final Journey Achievements!

Once it is unlocked, the Final Journey Dungeon will be open for only 2 hours total. There are no limits on how many times the dungeon can be played within that time frame. This dungeon is restricted to Sentinel and Gunner characters that are 4★ or lower.

We have just added a second difficulty setting to this dungeon, so you can now take on both regular AND Hard settings. You can now gain progress on all Final Journey Dungeon achievements on both Normal and Hard difficulties!

The first time you complete this dungeon, you will receive set rewards including a Legendary Soul, Talisman Soul Fragments and more.

All subsequent victories are guaranteed to provide XP Runes, as well as a chance of bonus rewards, including Rot Talismans, Sulfur Talismans and Nautical Awakening Shards, and Temperance and Dream Talismans on Hard.

**IMPORTANT: If you summon another Final Journey Frontier Key Soul while the corresponding Dungeon is already open you will refresh that dungeon’s countdown timer.