Summon Rare Souls for Heroic Legendary Fragments!

Earn GUARANTEED bonus rewards from Rare and Heroic Legendary Souls!

From now until January 15th at 4PM PDT, every Rare Soul you open in the Book of Souls, regardless of where you earned it (Skull Quests, bought from Store, earned from Sacrifice, etc) will give you 10 Heroic Legendary Soul Fragments.

Collect 250 Fragments to obtain 1 Heroic Legendary Soul!

The Heroic Legendary Soul guarantees a 4⭐-to-5⭐ character from the current Heroic Rotation along with the featured character fragments.

🎉BONUS:🎉 Each Heroic Legendary Soul summoned within the event period will also grant 50 Heroic Mythical Soul Fragments.

Collect 500 to obtain 1 Heroic Mythical Soul (guaranteed to grant a 5⭐ character from the current Heroic Rotation)

In addition, there will be Event Challenges you can complete to earn a variety of rewards, including Rare Soul Fragments, and the all-new Epic Soul⚡.

Epic Souls⚡ summon a guaranteed 4⭐ Warrior, Magus, or Sentinel Character, and also grant 15 Mythical Soul Fragments!

Important: Heroic Legendary Soul Fragments are only earned from using “Rare Souls”. Rare Magus Souls, Rare Gun/Assassin Souls, Anniversary Souls, etc will not yield fragments when used.

Start summoning now: